Welcome to Lead New Jersey

Lead New Jersey (LNJ) opens challenging possibilities to a highly select group of Fellows to learn the cutting edge issues that shape our lives, to link directly with talented leaders who are making improvements around New Jersey, and to lead as a champion of their own most cherished ideas and values. LNJ makes it happen for those unique individuals who are taking charge in our State!

Our value at LNJ is best expressed by more than 1700 Fellows who have completed the program and now lead for the common good in our state: New Jersey's greatest resource is the quality of our leaders.

Apply to LNJ's 2022 Class!

The application period for LNJ's 2022 class is now open! The most common remark we hear from Fellows about LNJ is "I should have done it sooner." The commitment to participating as an LNJ Fellow can be daunting, but reaps rewards that can only be described as priceless. Learn more about the LNJ program and how to apply. Information sessions and the 2022 schedule will be available shortly.


Seminars & Events

After meeting virtually since April, LNJ's 2021 class met in-person for the first time on June 16th & 17th for the annual Leadership Retreat, participating in SIMSOC and the airplane exercise with Project U.S.E. LNJ continues its in-person seminars in July with E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One-- Seminar on Embracing Cross-Cultural Diversity and Leader Skills Module 4: Knowing Where I Stand Privilege Walk. 

Upcoming Seminars & Events