Our Mission & Vision

Lead New Jersey (LNJ) opens challenging possibilities to a highly select group of Fellows to learn the cutting edge issues that shape our lives, to link directly with talented leaders who are making improvements around New Jersey, and to lead as a champion of their own most cherished ideas and values.  LNJ makes it happen for those unique individuals who are taking charge in our State!

Our value at LNJ is best expressed by more than 1500 Fellows who have completed the program and now lead for the common good in our state: New Jersey's greatest resource is the quality of our leaders. 


"After my participation in Lead New Jersey, about two years later, actually, I read in the paper about a “second chance” program of tutoring for offenders about to leave prison and re-enter society.  It took me back to that eerie, clammy feeling of being inside the maximum security Trenton State Prison.  I did more than shiver at the thought.  I made the call and now tutor a young man…"   


Lead New Jersey fosters and enhances a robust network of informed and prepared leaders who work to make New Jersey a better place to live and work. Through timely leadership training and thought-provoking civic engagement opportunities, Lead New Jersey educates, transforms, and empowers our state’s next generation of leaders from the public, social, and private sectors.


Lead New Jersey creates and hosts a network of motivated and informed Fellows who work to improve the quality of life in our state. LNJ is dedicated to developing well-informed leader Fellows who are prepared to cross boundaries between sectors, work effectively with people of all backgrounds, find common ground with those who may think differently about the issues, and work in a spirit of shared commitment to our state’s success. Our network of Follows is our state’s most valuable resource for professional connections and community service.  

For more information on how to apply to become a Fellow of Lead New Jersey, click here.